Translating WhiteRIP

Translating WhiteRIP is Easy and Quick

1 ) Download the translation program :

2 ) Extract and run "TRANSLATE.EXE"

3 ) Open English.lag

4 ) When you are done translating, click "File->send to Wrip Dev"

5 ) You can also export the translation file and put the package into the LANGUAGE folder, in the directory where you installed WhiteRIP

Warning: when you finish translating, check the sentence lenght in the software windows and correct those that are too long.
Export Package with ISO Code.

The translation will be included in the next updates and will be posted on this page.
To update the program with a new language , put LAGPCK file into Whiterip/Language

Language ISO Code Progress Relase
 Italian IT 100% Official Wrip Team
 English EN 100% Official Wrip Team
 Spanish (Spain) ES 100% Official Wrip Team
 German (Germany) DE 100% Official Wrip Team