WhiteRIP 8

WhiteRIP 8

The most advanced printing software suitable for different sectors such as textiles and objects. Equipped with numerous features to increase productivity and optimize ink consumption.

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Main features



The main feature of WhiteRIP has been revised to increase its functionality. With WhiteRIP 8 you can work on more template at once and the template creation wizard it's more simple.



WhiteRIP can generates automatically the white layer base or you can load a custom one. With WhiteRIP 8 you can also specify the white layer on the same file with a PSD layer or let the software generate it with optimization based on the media color. If you are printing am artwork on a black T-shirt WhiteRIP can optimize the white layer without print it under black pixels or if you print the same image but on a different media color it will optimize the whitebase accordingly.

spot special effects

Spot channel special effects

WhiteRIP 8 now offers the possibility to add patterns to enrich the prints with 3D or paint effects automatically generated by the software.

special channels

Special channels generation

Designed for the ever-increasing integration between digital printing and screen printing, this function allows you to generate and export channels from the RIP for the creation of screens. The channels are generated taking into account the choke and any optimizations set by the RIP. Furthermore, using the Virtual Dithering function, the dithering will be generated without the need for further processing. For example, it will be possible to prepare the file for printing in CMYK from a digital printer and export the white channel and the spot for the creation of screen printing frames for the white base and for a fluorescent color or a particular pantone.


Rip & print

With RIP&Print function WhiteRIP can drastically cut elaboration times. Instead of wait for all the graphic to be elaborated before send data to the printer with RIP&Print the graphic is elaborated in blocks and data are sent to the printer as soon as a block is ready, saving lot of times.

Inline icon

Inline printing

Inline print mode allow to split the head to print white and colors at the same time but without mix them, resulting in more bright colors. The quality is the same of the 2 pass printing but since Inline mode don't need a second print it eliminates printer reload times and all the alignment problem that might comes with it. To furthermore increase the print speed on WhiteRIP 8 is possible to partially mix the head, increasing the print speed without notable effects on print quality.


Creation of labels

This feature allows you to add text and numbers directly from the template, with the ability to customize its appearance.

Job group

Group and manage multiple jobs

The new management of jobs in the print queue allows you to group multiple items into a single process, simplifying job management. The group can also be exported as a single object from the print queue.

Color replacement up to 32 spots

An advanced color replacement system allows you to print pdfs with up to 32 advanced spot colors for high accuracy of spot colors in print.



This quickest way to integrate WhiteRIP and digital printing in an automated business environment. With this function WhiteRIP monitors a folder and when new images are inserted it elaborate them and send the file to the printer. With the XML Hotfolder module is also possible to attach some parameters to the image such as dimension, position, environment and rotation of the image.

Masks and channels from PSD

Masks and channels from PSD

With WhiteRIP 8 you can create the mask and channels on the same file as the graphic, WhiteRIP will automatically recognize them. This will help you save time and simplify the files organization.

Channel adjustment

Channel adjustment

On WhiteRIP was always possible to load a mask file for white or gloss, now with WhiteRIP 7 you can create the mask and channels on the same file as the graphic, WhiteRIP will automatically recognize them.

Ink Save

Ink Save

Advanced algorithms allow the software to reduce the ink quantity when it will not change the print result. This translates in lower costs for your prints and thus a bigger profit.

Fast settings

Fast Settings

Make all the changes directly on Template and when the results satisfies you quickly save them in a new environment. You will no longer need to remember all the steps, just press the button and you're settings are saved on a new environment.

Patch Creator

Patch Creator

Get a specific color is easy with this tool. You select your print size and how bigger you want the patches then the rip automatically create them starting form the color you choosed. You can print them and pick up the CMYK or RGB value of the color that you like the most.

layout save

Layout saving

On WhiteRIP you can load multiple graphics on the same template to print at once, making the paging work directly on the RIP software. With Layout save function you will make an snapshot of the current template with all the graphics and print settings keeping also all the changes you made on settings like ink quantity, resolution etc. for later edit or re-printing without need to manually save the settings. This allow you to later load the layout and resume your work from where you left, being able to change what you need to or just to print immediately.


Resample algorithms

WhiteRIP has many advanced algorithms to resize images like Lanczos, CathmullRom, Gaussian etc. The algorithms can be customized on the single image based on it's characteristic.

Addional Modules

WhiteRIP 8 is a complete software, but additional modules are available to further extend the functionality. These modules allow you to automate the printing process or increase the versatility of the software.

print cost

Print Cost

WhiteRIP 8 can calculate the print cost and ink usage of your prints with high precision, so you can make a more precise analysis of your production costs. Also with the single color consumption data for each print you can anticipate your inks needs before you start.

print cost

PDF Module

Add the functionality to open pdf files, even multi page ones.

Color optimize

Color optimize

It is possible to optimize the print for any type of colored background by selecting the color, sampling from the graphics or reading it directly from the support using a spectrophotometer.



WhiteRIP 8 feature a completely new color management with better handling of input color profiles and the possibility to print pure CMYK. Has also been revisited the profiling software that now is integrated on WhiteRIP and feature a new wizard.

Light and spot

Light and spot

Our new color managment can handle light colors and two different type of spot colors, such as varnish and metallic.

xml hotfolder

XML Hotfolder

With the XML Hotfolder module it is possible to extend the hotfolder featur by attaching a file with image parameters like size, position, rotation, environment etc. This give the possibility to WhiteRIP to work automatically.

job tracking

Job Tracking

Possibility of tracking the jobs inside the RIP, on csv or xml, both in input and output for the integration in Industry 4.0 environments.

variable data

Variable data and barcodes

Management of self-incrementing variable data or from external sources with the possibility of generating 1D and 2D barcodes. The variable data is automatically updated at each print and in case of self-incremental data it is saved locally.

print form barcode

Print from barcode

Designed for more automated production environments, this plugin allows the operator to launch the print automatically by scanning the barcode on the order.

pdf report

PDF report

Generate a complete report of each print with preview, information on ink consumption, number of copies printed and print settings.

Custom Software

WhiteRIP can be customized with oem logo, custom colors and even customized functions realized on your demands. This allow you to provide the best user experience for your customers thanks to a tailored solution. Contact us for more info.