Pass Optimization

Pass optimization allow to drastically reduce banding effect on prints realized with inkjet printing. Printers head are composed of thousand tiny nozzle aligned. If all nozzle fire at full power every head pass will print a conspicuous part of graphics BUT there will be a marked banding effect due to head inaccuracies or clogged nozzle. If we print an image without nozzle optimization we will have a print like this:


that is because the head passes are like this:

singola passata

or this if the print head has some clogged / damaged nozzles

singola passata

To avoid banding ink has to come out of the prints head like a wave so it's possible to partially overlap head passes without area with too much and area with too little ink. In order to do that print head progressively reduce the amount of ink shooted by the nozzles at the sides of the print head.

testina ottimizzata

as result print head passes become nuanced at sides with like a wave:

passata ottimizzata

The quality of optimization algorithms is fundamental

With this method is neccessary overlaps head passes, the more the passes the less the banding but that increase printing time. The quality of optimization algorithms is fundamental for fast and quality prints, for this reason EvNetwork programmers team has written two different pass optimization algorithms inside the WhiteRIP: Fade Fast and Fade Best *.
The two algorithms remove banding and also light/dark patches, faded areas, create more brilliant images with less ink and ensure incredibly clearer margins and sharp details even at maximum speed. It's possible to select the preferred optimization by clicking Opzioni RIP on the menu -> Driver settings ( the two gear next to the driver voice) -> Pass optimization. Here we can choose between Fade Fast, Fade Best and none.

Pass optimization feature

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* Pass Optimization is not available for all driver